Employment and Career Change Resources for Boomers

As Bob Dylan wrote in the early 60s, "the times they are a-changin'". The workforce is aging. Many of the 78.3 million baby boomers will choose not to retire as previous generations have done. They want or need to stay engaged, some pushing forward and some scaling back, and some seeking more meaningful career paths. Workforce50.com arms the older workforce with job and career information to reach their goals.

What's new?

  • Welcome to our newest expert writer! Lorraine Rise will be sharing her "insider" perspective on how best to get in front of the hiring manager. Read about Lorraine's unique background and how and why to Think Like An Employer.
  • LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job search. Maggie Graham explains the most important LinkedIn features in her new column: LinkedIn Optimization for Job Seekers and Solopreneurs.
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Favorite Employers

Certain companies have been in the news and recognized as having hiring and employment practices that tend to engage, encourage and nurture their older, more experienced workers. These organizations may offer pay and benefits, educational opportunities, work arrangements or cultures that are particularly appealing to baby boomers and seniors.

Browse the current job listings from our favorite employers in the following four sectors or quick click on one of our National employers also widely recognized as age-friendly.

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Careers and Education for Job Changers

Workforce50.com includes a career and education section to assist boomers and experienced workers who are considering a career change or job transition. We provide salary and job growth data for a wide range of career opportunities. Local data is available for each job in major metropolitan areas across the country and includes the number of jobs, mean salary and a local popularity index.

These are examples of careers in which our readers have expressed strong interest:

In addition to the career data, we provide information on training and education for each career listed. For instance, if a reader is interested in becoming a mechanical drafter, we provide information on schools that have training programs to become a mechanical drafter. Schools are listed by state if they are campus-based and online if the training is delivered online. Readers can request more information on specific training programs using the links to the online forms.

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