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Workforce50.com is the Real Deal

The Internet is a funny world. It's a world where traffic and click-through rates are king and web sites battle it out for search engine placement. Popularity on the web translates, generally, into high visitor traffic and high click-through rates for advertisers. That, in turn, translates into revenues for the web site.

But how does a web site gain popularity? There is no guaranteed formula to build web popularity except to provide information and content that people want to read or view.

What brings visitors to Workforce50.com? Certainly our host of expert writers and articles draw visitors. But mostly job postings from friendly employers attract those from the over 50 talent pool to the web site. Readers will find informative articles and helpful information related to job searching along with many other web site features. But our core mission is to find and provide job listings from employers truly interested in hiring from the over-50 community.

Employers of all sizes from all industries submit their jobs to get in front of our audience of over-50 job seekers. Employers are looking for you!

Workforce50.com is the real deal. Prancing Dog Publications is working to bring a diversity of career information and resources to our job seekers.

Press Releases

January 14, 2013 - Workforce50.com Acquired by One of Founders, Set for a New Direction